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Tools, Components & Cable > Active Components > Other > Specialty Active Components
CAT. NO. ZP9104
  RRP $23.95
Thermoelectric (Peltier) Modules 68.09W

Thermoelectric (Peltier) Modules 68.09W

A thermoelectric module is a solid state device which can operate as a heat pump to transfer heat utilising the "Peltier effect." The three modules are suitable for cooling or heating applications up to 100 degrees C.

Measures: 40 x 40 mm with lead wires.

Temperature Differential (DT) (Th=27 degrees C) : >=68 degrees C
Optimum Input Voltage (Vmax) (Th=27 degrees C):  15V
Optimum Input Current (Imax) (Th=27 degrees C):8A
Maximum Cooling Power (Qmax): 68.09W

ZP9104 Datasheet.pdf
  1+ $19.95
  10+ $17.70
  25+ $15.70
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