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Gadgets > General Consumer > Household Products > Home & Mood Lighting
CAT. NO. SL2795
  RRP $2.45
Halogen Bulb 42W Edison Screw Pk2

Halogen Bulb 42W Edison Screw Pk2

The Australian government, in its boundless wisdom, have declared incandescent bulbs to be the work of Satan and will soon be banning them completely on environmental grounds. We, the consumers have to adapt to the alternatives, usually so-called energy saving fluorescent globes that are totally unsuitable in some applications. We have a range of drop-in replacement halogen globes that will fit standard bayonet or Edison screw fittings, use only 2/3 the energy of standard incandescent bulbs, last for over 1000 hours and, being halogen, maintain the same warmth and quality of light that everyone is used to. Sizes for most domestic uses:

Cat NumWattsBaseEquivalent toPack
SL2795 42W Edison Screw 60W Pack of 2 globes
SL2796 42W Bayonet 60W Pack of 2 globes
SL2797 70W Edison Screw 100W Pack of 2 globes
SL2798 70W Bayonet 100W Pack of 2 globes

This product is out of stock in our warehouse. Please check if your local store has stock.

  1+ $2.45
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