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12VDC Flexible 21 LED Lights Blue

CAT.NO: SL3952

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Many of you have probably seen LED lights styled similarly to neons available from a few places, but not like this! Typically they are a line of LEDs mounted to a PCB at about 1 intervals, mounted inside a clear acrylic tube. Our models have a major advantage those units. Ours are FLEXIBLE! They can mount straight, but will easily bend end-to-end, giving you a myriad of mounting options. You can't kink it like you would say, a garden hose, as the PCB inside will break if you push it too far, but they still provide excellent versatility. They are a great low current light source, drawing around 200mA. The tube is 24 (610mm) long, and houses 21 super bright LEDs. There are two models available, white and blue. The white unit is great for general low-current lighting in a caravan, 4WD etc., and the blue units will create a great glow in your car.
White - SL-3950
Blue - SL-3952

Packaged Dimensions
Packaged Volume 1.445L
Packaged Weight 0.22kg
Packaged Length 68cm
Packaged Width 8.5cm
Packaged Height 2.5cm
Warranty: 3 Months