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15V-0-15V 20VA Toroidal Transformer - Low Profile

CAT.NO: MT2086

WHY A TOROID?- Smaller size and weight to meet modern "slimline" requirements- Low electrically induced noise demanded by compact equipment- High effi...
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- Smaller size and weight to meet modern slimline requirements
- Low electrically induced noise demanded by compact equipment
- High efficiency enabling conservative rating whilst maintaining size advantages
- Simple, quick, single bolt mounting
The Toroidal transformers is now accepted as the standard in the industry, quality mode to ISO 9000 overtaking the obsolete laminated type. Industry has been quick to recognise the advantage toroidals offer in size, weight, and lower radiated field.
Current ratins on toroidal transformers. Can be used in 2 ways:-
A) Both secondary windings in series - double volts
B) Both secondary windings in parallel - higher amps. The windings need to be connected in pahse.

The height is only 30mm, which means they will fit into a 44mm rack case.
- Size 0/D 74, I/D 21 x 30mm

Secondary Series Secondary Parallel
Cat. MT-2082 9+9 Volts 1.11 amps 2.22 amps
Cat. MT-2084 12+12 Volts 0.833 amps 1.66 amps
Cat. MT-2086 15+15 Volts 0.666 amps 1.333 amps

- Size 110 O/D x 50 I/D x 40(H)mm

Secondary Series Secondary Parallel
Cat. MT-2112 12+12 Volts 6.66 amps 13.33 amps
Cat. MT-2113 18+18 Volts 4.44 amps 8.88 amps
Cat. MT-2114 25+25 Volts 3.2 amps 6.4 amps

- Size 125 O/D x 54 I/D x 55(H)mm

Secondary Series Secondary Parallel
Cat. MT-2130 12+12 Volts 12.5 amps 25.0 amps
Cat. MT-2132 18+18 Volts 8.33 amps 16.6 amps
Cat. MT-2140 40+40 Volts 3.75 amps 7.5 amps
Cat. MT-2144 50+50 Volts 3.0 amps 6.0 amps

- Size 126 O/D x 27 I/D x 63(H)mm

Secondary Series
Cat. MT-2146 50+5 Volts 5 amps

Type of Transformer toroidal
Secondary Tap Configuration Dual Winding
Power Rating
Continuous Power 20VA
AC Voltage Rating
AC Voltage rating 30V
AC Current Rating
Continuous AC current output rating 1.333A
Product Dimensions
Item Height 32mm
Packaged Dimensions
Packaged Volume 0.4234L
Packaged Weight 0.64kg
Packaged Length 10.8cm
Packaged Width 9.8cm
Packaged Height 4cm