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SuperCombi Power Management System 12V 1500W

CAT.NO: MI5250

Power management solution able to run almost any mains operated appliance, even those difficult loads like motors, fridges and air conditioning units.
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Introducing the all-new SuperCombi Power Management Systems

We've sold inverters for years, and seen many models come and go, but we've never seen anything as advanced as these. To call them inverters simply doesn't do them justice - they are self-contained complete power management and control systems, combining a low-frequency true pure sine wave inverter, zero-time changeover UPS, sophisticated battery charger and DC load control circuitry. Representing world-first design, the SuperCombi will control every aspect of your power system. Not just for domestic use, they can be stacked together to supply up to a massive 90kW for commercial operations, with two or three phase power if required. The build quality is superb, with bullet-proof casings and a level of fit and finish that is a rarity these days, so they're more than up to the rigours of marine, 4WD, mining, military and serious industrial use, or anywhere where local mains power is required. These products have an Australia-wide service system, so there's no problem getting prompt warranty support or service. The list of features is truly impressive.

Standard Features of the SuperCombi

Powerful true pure sine wave interactive inverter/charger
The SuperCombi provides clean true pure sine wave output at up to 3000W (per unit), rated at a massive 70°C operating temperature. Most inverters are only rated at 25°C and reduce their output power significantly when the ambient temperature climbs. The SuperCombi enables you to run almost any mains operated appliance, even those difficult loads like motors, fridges and air conditioning units, and will provide the full rated output power right up to 70°C. This also means that at normal operating temperatures, the SuperCombi can supply more than its rated power output.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
The SuperCombi will automatically switch between mains power and the inverter to provide seamless power transfer, acting as a UPS for backup power. The changeover from mains to inverter (and back) is literally instantaneous, as the SuperCombi monitors the mains input power and phase matches the inverter output. Any changes to mains voltage or frequency outside of the allowable limit, and the SuperCombi will instantaneously flick over to the inverter output - essentially providing protection from blackouts, surges, brownouts, etc. that the powered appliance will not even notice.

Dynamic power shifting
When running off generator power and starting up a heavy mains load (such as a fridge or aircon unit), the inverter will support the initial load, then slowly transfer it to the generator, avoiding any sudden spikes or power fluctuations that could damage your generator. With the Power Support feature, you can increase the generator's input by combining the SuperCombi's inverter power and the generator's input together to support heavy loads.

Power support
This allows you to combine mains or generator power together with the SuperCombi's inverter output. This gives you more power for starting heavy loads such as air conditioners.

DC generator input up to 700 amps
If you need to connect to multiple sources, you can connect up to five different DC generation sources, enabling you to connect to a wind generator, hydro or DC generator at the same time. Great for applications such as a boat where you would be able to charge the house batteries from the port & starboard engines and the wind generator, all at the same time.
*NOTE: requires optional MI-5280/MI-5282 DC-Gen/Swtich load controllers

Solar panel controller input up to 600 amps
Manage your solar array with one system. The SuperCombi will allow you to control up to a massive 480 x 80W solar panels. One unit can support enough solar power for TEN average homes.
*NOTE: requires optional MP-3726/MP-3728 solar charge controllers

Programmable DC control switches
Designed to control your DC loads such as lighting, fridges, TVs, etc. These advanced switches can be programmed as a low voltage disconnect protection or as a timer. Up to 10 modules can be controlled by the SuperCombi providing further centralised control and power management in one unit.
*NOTE: requires optional MI-5280/MI-5282 DC-Gen/Swtich load controllers

Need more juice? No problem. Just stack individual units as you need up to a thumping 90kW. You can add and configure the system as you like to provide up to 90kW. No other system offers this kind of flexibility - just expand as your needs grow.

Interactive power sharing
The input supply can be programmed to a maximum limit. For example, if the SuperCombi unit was installed in an application and a 1500 watt generator was connected to the system, we can effectively use only as much power as the generator can deliver (1500 watts)

Multi-phase supply
Need to operate heavy equipment such as plasma cutters, air compressors or high-current welders out in the middle of nowhere? Multiple Super Combi units can be linked to provide two or three phase power anywhere you need it, with more than enough current to run even the most demanding of industrial equipment.

Green Power Smart feature
Specifically designed for conserving energy whether you're connected to the grid or using a stand-alone system where there's no mains available. If the system is connected to the mains grid, the Green Power Smart function will use a renewable energy source and only draw power from the mains as a last resort. Even if the Super Combi unit can't support the load, it will automatically connect to the grid or start the generator to supply continuous power until the load has decreased. This means the batteries will always get the charge they need ensuring maximum life.

Off-Peak battery charging - save up to 50% off your electricity bill!
And that's without the need for solar power! When you are connected to the mains grid power, the SuperCombi can store energy (charge your battery bank) during the night at the cheaper Off-Peak rate and use this stored energy during the day when the power tariff is most expensive. Savings based on the new PowerSmart Time Of Use energy metering on an average household, (975kWh peak, 530kWh shoulder, 377kWh off-peak).

Reliable backup power and power protection
Thanks to SuperCombi's advanced power monitoring software and zero-time changeover, the SuperCombi presents the most advanced and well protected backup power solution for your critical power loads. Blackouts, brownouts, surges and power spikes are all eliminated by the SuperCombi, so that you can continue to operate as normal during these events, or provide yourself enough time to shut down your equipment correctly without causing damage. Perfect for a retail store or similar outlet where a loss of power means a loss of trade! The SuperCombi can even send out a signal to start up the backup generator for even longer backup power time.
NOTE: Backup time is based on battery bank storage capacity

Output short circuit, overload, battery overvoltage/undervoltage, battery reverse polarity, high input voltage ripple, DC voltage ripple, over temperature protection: transformer 105°C, electronics and power stage 70°C, battery 50°C.

• Intelligent mains grid power and generator power management
• AC uninterruptible power transfer
• Power support
• Four stage charging
• Green Power Smart feature
• Stackable for increased power and/or 2/3-phase power
• Programmable auxiliary relay contacts
• Local support and service
• Full continuous output rating up to 70°C
• Solar charging capacity up to 600 amps (requires optional MP-3276/MP-3278)
• 4 amp auxiliary output for starter battery or second battery bank
• Battery temperature sensor (optional MI-5278)
• DC generator input up to 700 amps (requires optional MI-5280/MI-5282 DC-GEN/Switch load controllers)
• Programmable DC load control switches (requires optional MI-5280/MI-5282 DC-GEN/Switch load controllers)
• Wall mountable

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Recommended Download

SuperCombie PC Software
This software allows replica of the front panel of the SuperCombi on your PC. It can be used to programming and remote onitoring.
Requires USB - RS422 converter (XC4132) OR
Ethernet to RS422 converter (XC4134)

Packaged Dimensions
Packaged Volume 102.459L
Packaged Weight 24.1kg
Packaged Length 51cm
Packaged Width 49cm
Packaged Height 41cm
Warranty: 24 Months