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12V 1 Amp Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger

CAT.NO: MB3526

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These SLA chargers are fully automatic. When the battery is charged, the charger automatically switches to trickle charge and a green LED will show this. A red LED is lit when there is normal charging.
Virtually any SLA battery can be charged but the higher the battery size, the longer the charge.
* Short circuit and wrong polarity prevention
* Constant charging current
* No charge with wrong polarity connection
* No voltage at alligator clips until battery is connected.
Will not charge a totally flat battery i.e. zero volts
Electricity Authority Approved.

Approval Number: N19029

Packaged Dimensions
Packaged Volume 1.0608L
Packaged Weight 1.02kg
Packaged Length 16cm
Packaged Width 10.2cm
Packaged Height 6.5cm
Warranty: 3 Months